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Guinea Pig Blanket

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We believe that every small animal should have the opportunity to live their best lives. If it weren't for Rocky and Scotty, we wouldn't have been blessed with awesome memories and loving companionship that we have received from our 2 rescue guinea pigs.

As a way of giving back, we are offering to donate Rock And Scott Products to any USA based small animal rescue of your choice for every guinea pig throw blanket purchased. Enjoy a cozy blanket knowing it helped small animals across the country!

Every guinea pig blanket sold is equal to a few Rock And Scott product donation options:

  • (2) One Rock And Scott Throw Blanket and = (1) One Rock And Scott 2x4 C&C Cage Liner
  • (1)  One Rock And Scott Throw Blanket = (1) One Rock And Scott 2-in-1 Medium Snuggle Pouch

Measurements: Approximately 58x58 inches