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Hi, I'm Kaylie!

I am the owner and maker of Rock And Scott. I am a full-time mom, entrepreneur, and UX/UI generalist. When I'm not caring for my firstborn or managing the business, I am working on creating thoughtful designs and meaningful user experiences.

Making life more fun one wheek at a time™

The idea of starting a small business came from my two lovable guinea pigs: Rocky and Scotty. And they are two of the most intelligent yet comical guinea pigs I have ever met!

It all started when I was looking for PetSmart hidey covers but couldn't find any, so I decided to just make most of their stuff since I have a background in sewing and design. Seeing how much they loved it and how well it worked, I decided to make it available for other guinea pigs!

Most of our products are inspired by common issues my guinea pigs and I have had from the common uncomfy snuggle sacks to the lack of variation in guinea pig accessories.


Rocky is the alpha of the two. He loves food and adores getting pets. His purrs prove that massages are always the way to his heart no matter the day. His favorite treats are carrots, broccoli and apple truffles.


Scotty is a courageous explorer! He is not afraid to reach out to strangers and is always curious to find new places to hide and hunker down. He's a brave boy that loves to be held and petted.


Lola is our resident thumper and interior designer extraordinaire. She loves to redecorate our house and leave art pieces for Kaylie to find when she's not busy zooming around.


Henry was our little flooff ball of sunshine. He loved to get pets and his favorite treat was dried orange slices and flowers from our signature forage blends. He passed the rainbow bridge on May 26, 2022.