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Enrichment Tunnel

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UPDATE: Seagrass bowl is may be changed to 2 layers of bamboo bowls depending on stock and season.

Our fun and chewable enrichment and activity tunnel is perfect for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, rats or other small pets. This crunchy and fun activity tunnel boasts a spacious hidey and feature 18 fun chew activities.

The fun never stops whether your small animal is inside or outside the tunnel. Since guinea pigs' teeth grow continuously, we decorated the exterior and interior walls with fun natural chew toys to stimulate your small animal's chewing instincts while providing a safe space for them to hide.

The entry way is decorated with a crunchy willow and loofah statue chew toy and an natural seagrass bowl for easy access to delicious play time snacks.

This enrichment treat and toy is

✅ Guinea pig approved
✅ Great at reducing boredom
✅ Fun and crunchy!

Measures about 23" x 13" x 10", natural materials may vary in measurements.

Note: Willow ball and Chinese Finger traps may vary in color.